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Relaxed design house at old harbour in Copenhagen

“Hidden among the fishing huts that hug this harbour on the outskirts of Copenhagen, a photography-loving couple’s home captures the wild beauty of nature”, writes Clare Sartin in

Copenhagen Host Airbnb Boathaus

The small fishing harbour in the south west corner of Copenhagen is an undiscovered patch of untamed nature. For landscape photographers Maria Rosendal and Martin Bay, and founders of Foto Factory, and their two daughters, this was the ideal place to call home. Having lived for years in Scotland, the pair had developed a taste for wild beauty.

The house has to work as a backdrop for Martin and Maria’s photography. The large windows make the house really bright, and the direct sunlight is literally the worst condition to create a soft and warm atmosphere.

Copenhagen Host Airbnb Boathaus

To convert the house to a showroom we created a warmth and softness, while keeping everything very organic. By adding generous linen drapes, the light really makes the atmosphere when the patterns of sunlight now paints on the walls. The palette of natural hues – cornflower blue, oatmeal and an earthy beige. It is all colours that have a calming influence on visitors. Throughout this home, an ever-changing array of photographs blends beautifully with the scheme.

This seamless interaction between the outdoors, the indoors and the photograpy needed to be perfect. Everything needs to be tactile – bamboo chairs, the soft skin on the sofa and a few selected ceramics. The kitchen was once a soulless black box now it has a new look with bespoke plywood cabinets.
Martin and Maria have now moved even further away from the hustle and bustle, making a new home in the coastal town of Tisvilde, but this hidden harbour remains their bolthole in the city. Just a 15-minute bike ride from the centre, it is now the perfect showcase, giving visitors a chance to experience the escapism their work portrays.

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